About Sports – Only in sport can an entire life be encompassed in just a few short hours.

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Sport forms an integral part in our development as human beings. From as early as 2000BC, there has been documented evidence that we have been playing sport – seen in the form of structures and artifacts. The Greeks celebrated it and a whole new culture had been created in 1896, when the first official Olympic Games were held in Athens.

As technology advanced throughout the years, new ways to compete had evolved. Motorsports  became popular and spectator sport started to thrive. Nevertheless, playing sport is beneficial to not only enhancing the physical fitness and character of its participants, but to also entertain the masses in a variety of specticles and events staged all around the world.

About Sports

There are an abundance of individual sports that do exist, and they usually require between two and a hundred participants. More importantly, sport has a special way of bringing the whole world together – which is evident when watching events like the Olympic Games or the Football World Cup.

Often, sporting prowess will be based upon athletic ability and strength, such as within sports like basketball, boxing and rowing. Or they might require team communication skills and speed, seen in sports like hockey, football and volleyball.

The opponent is not always the toughest challenge. We see in sports like golf, sailing and some of the winter sports, that mother nature can occasionally add extra obstacles to the path of success. Other sports like martial arts, gymnastics and wrestling require special skills – such as flexibility and discipline – and can push some competitors beyond their limits.  Its all about sports